To provide safe, fun, and competitive youth hockey to players in the Palmyra area.

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Getting Started Guide

  1. Click [REGISTER NOW] to get started!
  2. Select the appropriate registration category [ALL, HOUSE, TRAVEL]
  3. Find the program and level you'd like to register the player in (such as:  House Mite, Travel Squirt, Travel Bantam, etc.)
  4. Click [Begin Registration]
  5. Click [Continue], which acknowledges that you are over the age of 18.
  6. If you ARE an EXISTING PBK player enter your email address as the Sign In [email].  This should be the email address that you routinely receive PBK notifications (such as: schedule reminders, announcements, etc).
    • If you ARE NOT an existing PBK player, Click [Create Account] and follow the necessary steps to establish an account.  After you create an account, skip ahead to Step 11 to enter all of the necessary information (such as: parent/guardian info, second parent/guardian, participant information, supplemental info, etc).
  7. Next, enter your account password.  If you forget your password, follow these instructions…
    • Click [forgot?] password.
    • Click [reset password].  An automated email will be sent to your email Inbox with a link to finish the password reset.
    • Check you email Inbox for an email from <> and click the link in the email.  If the link doesn’t open automatically, please copy and paste the link into your Internet browser (such as: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc).  A new browser window will be opened to initiate the password reset. 
      1. Note, your previous browser window or tab which was open to the PBK website is likely still open and awaiting your return once you complete the password reset process.
    • You will be prompted to enter a new password.
    • Enter your new password, and a second time for verification.  Passwords must be at least 6 characters (alpha-numeric) in length and are case-sensitive.
    • Click [Close] to complete the password reset process.
  8. Head back to your previous browser window (if still open).  In the event that it closed, re-open the PBK website and repeat Steps 1-5 above to re-enter the pre-registration system.
  9. Now Login using your [email] and [password].
  10. The players who are linked to your account are displayed.  Click [Eligible-Register] next to the player you are registering.  Players are deemed eligible for registration based on their birth year compared to the birth year range for that particular program/level.
    • If you are registering a new player, click [Add Child].
  11. Review, update, correct all of your demographic information for both the parent/guardian and participant… including the player’s USA Hockey number for the 2020/21 season (such as: address, phone number, email, etc).
  12. Click [Submit]
  13. Enter all of the [Supplemental Information]
  14. Click [Submit Information]
  15. Next, review the [Registration Review Page]
    • If registering another player, click [Register Another Individual]
  16. Congratulations, you have completed the PBK registration process!  You will receive a confirmation email with the information as well.