To provide safe, fun, and competitive youth hockey to players in the Palmyra area.

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Player Evaluations

Intent: The overall goal of the entire tryout process at every age level is to find the best team for each player, and the best players for each team. 

Palmyra Area Minor Hockey Association (“PAMHA”) is a tryout-based organization. Each season, players compete and are evaluated based on their abilities and are placed on the appropriate age level team. Player evaluations are one of the most difficult tasks for a youth hockey association to perform. Many times the margin between several players is very thin. Thus the ultimate aim of the tryout process is to provide sufficient opportunity for all independent evaluators and board assigned evaluation leads to thoroughly evaluate each player's abilities.

The independent evaluators will provide objective evaluations of all players to the rostering leads.  The rostering leads will also provide feedback to the Director of Player & Coach Development (DPCD) and/or board assigned delegate.

The DPCD or his board assigned delegate has final roster approval authority.  When possible, non-parent evaluators will be utilized as much as possible to limit any perception of personal interest or bias.  PAMHA will utilize the individuals in the evaluation process they feel possess the greatest skill and knowledge to make decisions on behalf of the organization.


Prior to being allowed on the ice for evaluations, all players must:     

  • Complete the online registration for USA Hockey for the 2017/18 season
  • Register online at
  • Pay the required evaluation fee
  • Pay the required commitment deposit

Note:  Any player with an outstanding financial obligation to PBK or member club in the Atlantic District of USA Hockey will not be permitted to evaluate with PBK or any other association until the obligation is fulfilled. 

Evaluation Format
On ice format will be combination of skills, small area games and scrimmages.

Evaluation Scoring
The evaluators, working individually, will score each player on the level of their performance during the sessions. The evaluator is instructed to rate players using a standardized system, with an overall score taking into consideration 1) Skating Skills, 2) Hockey/Puck Skills, 3) Teamwork/Situational Skills and 4) Hockey Concepts (IQ).

Pinnie/Numbering Process

Players will be assigned a pinnie or jersey number at the registration/check-in table. The assigned number will have no significance to the player's ability, rating, or placement. The number must be fully visible to the evaluators while the player is on the ice.

Key Personnel in the Evaluation Process

- Director of Player and Coach Development (DPCD) or Board Assigned Delegate
This individual or individuals will facilitate evaluations and gather all data specific to player placement and present proposed team's. They have ultimate authority on roster approval.

- Independent Evaluator
These individuals will participate in the process to provide objective feedback to the DPCD and rostering leads.  The selection pool of potential independent evaluators may include, but is not limited to, high school coaches, non-parent special instructors, coaches from other organizations, and others with a thorough knowledge of youth hockey.

- Rostering Leads
These individuals will partner with the DPCD and evaluators to collect all of the necessary feedback to make roster placement recommendations.  These individuals will utilize all available data and feedback to support their recommendations,  These individuals will consult with the necessary individuals to make the best roster placement recommendation for the player, team, and organization.

Data Sources used in Player Placement

PAMHA will make available the data they feel is necessary to support roster placement recommendations. Data sources may include:  year end player feedback, evaluation data, game statistics, and verbal coach feedback and recommendations.  Data received and provided by coaches (current and prior) will be given priority as PAMHA feels strongly that the coaches are the best source of information and recommendation.

Team Size

PAMHA will follow the below recommendations regarding roster size per team. 

  • Midget: 15 skaters and 2 goalies
  • Bantam: 15 skaters and 2 goalies
  • Peewee:  13 skaters and 2 goalies
  • Squirt: 13 skaters and 2 goalies
  • Mite:  10 skaters and 1 goalie

PAMHA under direction of the DPCD has the authority to roster more or less players than the above recommendations based on the skill level of the players on the team.  At the time of initial rostering the difference in the number of rostered skaters between teams at the same age level will never be greater than two players.  For example, a Squirt A team is not permitted to roster 13 skaters while the Squirt B has 10 skaters.  In this example the Squirt A team will be required under direction of the DPCD to reduce their roster to 12 by moving a player to the Squirt B team.  If necessary, the DPCD has the authority to recommend roster size exceptions to the PAMHA board.

Policy regarding 2nd year Players in a Level
All players will be placed according to their ability and evaluation performance, regardless of their placement in the prior year.

Players Who Miss Evaluations
A player who is unable to attend the evaluations due to extenuating circumstances, for example, due to an injury or relocation may be considered for travel team selection at any level through evaluation during age-level appropriate practices and placed on a team by approval of the DPCD.  Former coaches, assistant coaches, directors, etc. may be consulted to determine proper placement for that player.

Notification of Player Placements
Notification of player placements will occur as early as possible following adequate time for evaluators, rostering leads and DPCD to review all assessment data.  Player placements will be communicated via the association website and/or via email.

Cuts and Roster Placement Rejections

Ideally, PAMHA will never have to make any cuts and all players will be happy with their team.  Unfortunately, in some circumstances cuts will be considered necessary. 

In the event the player cannot be placed on a PAMHA team (travel or house) based on PAMHA team/level availability and/or player skill set or competitive readiness, PAMHA will issue a refund to the parent/guardian in the amount of the total amount paid to-date minus the non-refundable evaluation fee.  The non-refundable evaluation fee will not be refunded for any reason.  All PAMHA agreements, contracts, and waivers electronically signed by the applicant during the registration process will be voided.

In the event a player requests a release following their roster placement, the player will need to pay their entire PAMHA account balance in full prior to being issued a release.  Once payment is received and processed to ensure funds availability at the applicable PAMHA financial institution, a formal written release will be provided by an officer of PAMHA.


--rev. March 2017--