To provide safe, fun, and competitive youth hockey to players in the Palmyra area.

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Intent: It is the intent of this policy to provide a structured means for children to play up.
Policy: With respect to playing up, the policy of the PAMHA is as follows.
1. Children will not be allowed to play up more than one year in age. In other words, a second year squirt can seek to play as a peewee but a first year squirt may not.
2. A written request must be received by the President of the Board or the Director of Player & Coach Development at least one week prior to evaluations. Requests made orally or closer to evaluations will not be considered.
3. The player must be evaluated at his/her own age level and at the desired age level. The player will be charged two evaluation fees.
4. Parents must acknowledge the risks of playing up and sign an appropriate waiver of liability.
5. The Board will vote on such requests to play up after evaluations have been conducted.
6. The Board can deny a request if, in the opinion of the Board, allowing a player to move up will negatively impact the ability of the PAMHA to field a team at the younger or older level.
7. The Board reserves the right to reverse its decision if it becomes evident that it is not in the best interests of the player or PAMHA to have the player continue playing up.
8. If the Board decides to reverse its decision, it will attempt to place the player on the age appropriate team. However, no guarantees can be made with respect to this and, thus, parents and players must be guided accordingly.

9.  The Board will consult with the local league and/or district affiliate of USA Hockey when necessary to gain guidance and approval before making a final decision.
10. All decisions of the Board are final.