To provide safe, fun, and competitive youth hockey to players in the Palmyra area.

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PBK Player Housing / Billet Families

Becoming a host (aka Billet) family is a great tradition in the sport of ice hockey and is a great way to get involved in the community. Becoming a billet family is a great way to develop very special bonds and long-lasting relationship among players and billet families. Often times, billet families and players will remain in touch after their time together comes to an end. The Palmyra Black Knights organization does our very best to ensure that a billet experience is rewarding for both the player and the billet family members.

About Billeting:

  • A billet family hosts out-of-state, out-of-country or far traveling hockey players for the season. For many players, this will be their first time away from home and will need a stable, comforting living environment to adjust to living in the Central PA area.
  • Players will live with the host family from approximately late August until the end of the season in early March (Post-Grad players) or until the completion of the school year in May or June. Time permitting, players may travel home during holiday breaks.
  • Players who are still in high school will attend the billet family’s local high school. Post-grad players may take college or college preparatory classes throughout the season.
  • Players are between the ages of 16-20 years old.
  • Host families may host more than one player per season.
  • Billet families will receive a monthly stipend of $425 per player that they host.

Billet Family/Player Expectations

  • Billet families are expected to provide room and board for the billet player. Billet families must be able to provide a bedroom including a bed and ample space for the player’s belongings.
  • Billet families are expected to provide nutritious meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the player to prepare for themselves or to eat with the billet families.
  • Hosting families are expected to treat all billeting players as “family” and not just as a tenant at the house.
  • Players who utilize the billeting program are expected to provide their own personal items such as hockey equipment, personal care items, cell phones, a tv/computer, and clothes.
  • Billet players are responsible for following all billet family rules and being respectful to their billet family at all times. Players must clean up after themselves and keep their space clean and tidy.
  • If the situation permits, billet players are responsible for arranging their own transportation to school, work and all hockey activities.
  • If a host family needs to go away for a certain period of time, arrangements can be made through the Billet Coordinator for the billet player to stay with another host family, teammate, or a friend from school or work until the host family returns.
  • If billet situations are not working out, a meeting should take place between the billet family and the player first. If problems continue to occur, a meeting with the Billet Coordinator will take place. In a situation where a billet player must be removed from his hosting family, the Billet Coordinator will find new living arrangements for the player.

More Questions? Contact:

Adam Kondraski

(610) 741-5293


Please CLICK HERE to fill out our short ‘Host Family Questionnaire’ used for best matching up players and host families. Thank you for your consideration in becoming a host family for the Palmyra Black Knights and playing a crucial role in ensuring that players have a positive hockey experience in our organization.