To provide safe, fun, and competitive youth hockey to players in the Palmyra area.

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18U AAA High Performance (USPHL):  Russ Armbruster

16U AAA High Performance (USPHL):  Mario Benicky

16U AA (DVHL, EJEPL):  Alex Shuey

16U A American (DVHL):  Dennis Kissinger 

15U AAA High Performance (USPHL): Frederic Cassivi

14U 2005 AAA High Performance (USPHL): Rob Shearer

14U 2006 AAA High Performance (USPHL): Rob Shearer

14U AA (DVHL, EJEPL):  Kevin Long

14U A National (DVHL):  Eric Stager

14U A American (DVHL):  Geoff Finch

12U 2007 AAA High Performance (USPHL):  Antoine Bergeron

12U AA (DVHL, EJEPL): Adam Kondraski

12U A National (DVHL): Swede Farling

12U A American (DVHL): Nick Fritz

10U AA (DVHL):  Travis Good

10U A American (DVHL): Mark Krull

10U B National (DVHL):  John Brewer

8U Black (DVHL): Greg Lux

8U Red (DVHL): Jed Robbins