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Tips & Tricks to Access the PBK Master Schedule
by posted 08/05/2020

How you can view the schedule on the PBK website

  • Master Schedule [left navigation menu] – this provides a weekly snapshot of the PBK activity.
  • Multi-Schedule [horizontal menu under Team] – this provides a customizable listing of all PBK activities  by the selected team(s).  You can select numerous output types (Listing, Calendar-view, iCal Feed, MS Outlook) and also customize by Color by Team.
  • Team-Specific Schedule [horizontal menu under Team] – after selecting a specific team (i.e. PBK Tier 1/2/House -- 16U AA), you can select Schedule, Calendar, Multi-Schedule from the left navigation menu.

For those tech-savvy individuals interested in getting the PBK schedule fed to your smartphone or mobile device calendar app automatically for your favorite PBK team or teams... 

  • open from your web browser on your device
  • click "Team"on the horizontal menu bar.. and then select the team you want (i.e. PBK Tier 1/2/House -- 16U AA)

  • Next click "Schedule" on the left vertical menu, followed by the dropdown arrow beside "Options" on the right side

  • from there you can select the desired output format
  • if you select "Calendar Feed", your device should prompt you to 'Subscribe' to that particular calendar which will push updates to your device.
  • once you are subscribed, the calendar will be pushed to your mobile device automatically.  Any schedule updates made along the way should automatically flow to your device without any manual intervention by you.

If you run into any snags, there is also a PBK Online Help & FAQ section on the website that will walk you through the process.

As with any youth sports schedule, there will definitely be changes along the way so please be on the look-out for future updates.

By default, all registered players and their families will receive email reminders for practices/games (approximately 48 hrs prior to the event).  Emails will be sent to the active email address or addresses that were collected during the registration process.  Anyone wishing to deactivate the email reminders can do so by logging into their PBK account online (same process as online registration) or by emailing me directly.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you!

Adam Kondraski, Business Manager

Palmyra Black Knights


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Affiliation With Richmond Generals Jr A Hockey Club Announced
by posted 01/10/2020

The Richmond Generals Junior A Program and the Palmyra Black Knights AAA Youth Program Have Formed an Affiliation The Richmond Generals Junior A program has set up an affiliation with the Palmyra Black Knights Tier 1 hockey club. Both clubs play in the USPHL league with Palmyra fielding U16/U18 Tier 1 Youth teams and the Generals fielding Junior teams at the Elite and Premier levels. This affiliation will be a huge asset for both programs providing our players with top development opportunities from the Youth level through Juniors. The Richmond Generals Junior program has established a reputation as one of the top developmental Junior Programs in the country that develops players that move to the next level of Junior hockey or College hockey. The Black Knights Tier 1 hockey club has established a great reputation at the Tier 1 AAA level in a short period of time developing and producing quality hockey players and young men. The core values and development model of the staff at Palmyra align directly with the values that the Generals Junior program believes in and uses to help develop and advance their players. “The mission of the Palmyra Black Knights Tier I hockey club is to create a positive productive environment for players to develop and progress as young men and hockey players. The goal is that this development will allow the opportunity for each player to be promoted to highest possible next level and ultimately a college hockey opportunity. The Richmond Generals Junior Hockey Club’s mission is completely aligned and is a fantastic next step for our players deserving of that opportunity. The PBK Hockey Club is extremely excited and pleased to be officially affiliated with the Richmond General Hockey Club under the outstanding leadership of RC Lyke who does an outstanding job of developing and getting players committed to the next Jr level or college hockey!” – Rich Eby Director of Player Advancement – Palmyra Black Knight Hockey Club " The decision to make an affiliation with the Palmyra Black Knight Tier 1 hockey club and Rich Eby was an easy one for me to make. Rich has an excellent reputation in the Pennsylvania area and his values and thoughts on developing players are very similar to mine. This affiliation will provide opportunities for Palmyra players to continue to develop after their Youth careers are finished in a top Junior A program. This will also provide an opportunity for me to place players in the Palmyra Tier 1 hockey program at the U16 and U18 youth levels to develop and come to play for me when they are ready. I am very excited to be working with Rich Eby and his staff at Palmyra and look forward to providing our players with great development opportunities moving forward." R.C. Lyke Head Coach and GM of the Richmond Generals Junior A Elite and Premier Teams in the USPHL. #gopbk #Roll Gens #USPHL
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Start your Amazon Purchases at PBK
by posted 12/09/2019

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